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Data Destruction Service

Licensed Services Provider.

Destroy confidential data with record data proof. 



Shred & Destroy

HDD, SSD & PCIe Drive
Cloning Service

Duplicate & Copy with lightning speed.

HDD. SSD. PCIe & all other interfaces.

E-Waste Recycle Service

Licensed and Certified IT asset disposal service.

Proof of secure disposal will be provided.

Licensed Distributor & Services Provider

ISO certified, Government entrusted licensed, Triple Certified Erasure Protection.

World's Fastest Duplication Technology

60GB/min, the fastest speed of hard disk cloning in the world.

Working with 10 out of 15 Largest Semicon Companies

Years of established service in the industry.

Risk-Free Sample Test

We welcome you to test your sample with us for free to start.

24/7 Support

Need technical support? Our data specialist will assist to choose the best for you.

One-Stop Solution

Data equipment and services all-in-one by the data expert.

Product Portfolios

Data Duplicator/Eraser

World leading duplication speed up to 60GB/min Lightning fast mass duplication and erasure for your enterprise-level confidential level data. Secure and fast.

Media Storage

Compact size of SSD & HDD with lightning fast start, read and write speed. Various storage sizes are available for your IT needs.


Engineered to be the first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar.


Engineered for calls and musics like never before. Fully adjustable Jabra Advance Active Noise Cancellation ™ in a compact true wireless design.


Power distribution unit by Raritan are built to last, rock solid uptime & prevent outtages. Raritan KVM allows remote access, control and management anytime, anywhere.

Media Accessories

Connectors and adapter. Engineered to adapt and allow cross-interfaced connections cater to different application scenarios for your data equipments.

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